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Jaguar E-Pace available at Budds

Jaguar E-Pace

Get ready for an exciting drive around town with the new Jaguar E-Pace. This is the latest addition to the brand’s lineup of luxury SUV models, and it is sure to delight with its compact size. This SUV has enough room for everyone and everything, while its small size makes it highly maneuverable and efficient. Best of all, the E-Pace price starts at just $42,700, which includes plenty of features and exciting performance.

First Impressions and Exterior Styling

As soon as you see the E-Pace luxury SUV, you will be impressed with its bold mesh grille in a honeycomb pattern and LED headlights framing it. Check out its profile to admire the sweeping roofline of this Jaguar SUV as it blends into the rear spoiler, which draws your eye to the steeply raked window in the rear. The full LED taillights will also grab attention wherever you go and are complemented by LEDs in front. To give this model even sportier styling, opt for the 21-inch alloy wheels. Make the E-Pace feel larger with the available fixed panoramic glass roof that adds all the natural light you could possibly want.

Fun Performance

This Jaguar SUV reacts quickly with precision to any driving command you throw its way, delivering a balanced and responsive feel even in corners. Just like other Jaguar models, the E-Pace’s chassis was developed with the goals of refined and agile on-road dynamics. This is possible thanks to aluminum components within the chassis that improve the suspension and increase rigidity.

For those looking for some extra traction, the All Wheel Drive system will intelligently control how the torque is distributed to the rear and front axles. A 9-speed automatic transmission is included in the E-Pace price to maximize acceleration as well as efficiency. It controls the Ingenium engine under the hood of the Jaguar E-Pace. The 2.0-liter delivers 246 horsepower along with 269 pound-feet, reaching up to 230 km/hr and taking only 7 seconds to reach 100 km/h. The powertrain has start/stop technology plus regenerative charging to boost efficiency.

Interior Comfort

The interior of the E-Pace lives up to all your expectations of what a luxury SUV should be, providing amazing value for the E-Pace price. You get class-leading stowage, including a front center console that can hold two water bottles flat, a spacious glovebox, and deep front door bins that can fit 1.5-liter water bottles, cans, or phones.

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For that luxury feeling, look no further than the Configurable Ambient Interior Lighting that creates soft light pools in your choice of ten colors. Take a closer look at the cabin, and you will notice the attention to details Jaguar included in this compact SUV, such as the exclusive design with a cub and Jaguar on the front windshield’s corner or the Jaguar print within the cubby box.

All the Tech You Need

Technology is no challenge for the E-Pace, easily keeping up with larger, more expensive Jaguar SUV models. The infotainment system revolves around InControl, your system of advanced technologies that has everything you need. Control everything with the 10-inch Touch Pro screen in the middle of the center console, complete with intuitive pinch and swipe gestures. Touch Pro actually lets you choose from four customizable home screens and includes voice controls.

Take Touch Pro to the next level with packs such as the Connect Pro Pack, which gives you Pro Services, Navigation Pro, a 4G wireless hot spot, Smart Settings, and more. Or add the ability to interact with your vehicle remotely via your smartwatch or smartphone. For safety, reduce the need to look at the gauges and screens with a Heads-Up Display that shows color graphics that are crystal clear. The 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display is worth the upgrade for its customization and ability to display navigation, media, and more.

Factor in the safety technology and you have a vehicle that does it all. Enjoy features like emergency braking, lane keep assist, driver condition monitor, a 360-degree surround camera, rear and front parking aids, and cruise control with a speed limiter. There is even a pedestrian airbag and a long list of available advanced safety features.

Making Life Easier

The Jaguar E-Pace isn’t just about getting you to your destination in style; it also makes life easier. Opt for the Activity Key, and you will be able to keep your car key with you right on your wrist with a waterproof wristband that is perfect for swimming, biking, or anything else. This luxury SUV also features a powered gesture tailgate that opens without the need to touch the key fob or the car. Of course, the E-Pace is also helped by its 685-liter cargo capacity and loadspace width measuring 1,057mm, meaning it is very easy to load and holds plenty.

Whether you want to learn more about the E-Pace and everything it can do or take it on a test drive, contact our dealership.

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