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Jaguar Future-Type Concept available at Budds









Jaguar is constantly innovating, and the FUTURE-TYPE Concept definitely proves this. This is among the brand’s latest concept vehicles, and it shows what automobile ownership can look like in the future.It combines the choice of autonomous driving with the ability to drive the car just like any other – with help from driver aids.


As technology advances, it seems as if all automakers are moving toward autonomous driving. With current safety technologies and driving aids constantly growing, Jaguar certainly leads the trend. After all, Jaguars can already recognize traffic signs and limit your vehicle’s speed in addition to detecting vehicles in your blind spots. The next logical step from these and other similar driver aids is to autonomous driving.

With the FUTURE-TYPE Concept, you can sit back and do whatever you want while enjoying the drive. Read, sleep, work, catch up on emails, or eat breakfast. At the same time, the FUTURE-TYPE Concept is also fully drivable. After all, Jaguars are made for those who love to drive. The brand understands the thrill of being behind the wheel and in control of a powerful vehicle and wants drivers to always be able to enjoy that. Of course, if you do choose to drive the FUTURE-TYPE Concept, you will get the benefit of assisted driving via numerous technologically advanced aids to limit the risk of collisions.









Since the FUTURE-TYPE Concept can drive autonomously or be used with assisted driving, you can combine these in whatever way makes sense for you. Do you love driving along the open road but hate getting stuck in traffic? Have the car take over when you hit the city but drive while on the highway. Or if you are taking a longer drive, why not let the car take over and watch a movie?

Because of the intelligence involved in the FUTURE-TYPE Concept, the vehicle is also able to communicate with the other vehicles on the road to help with cooperative driving technology. Since all vehicles will be in communication with each other, it is safe to shorten the distances between units. It is also safer and more efficient to merge, change lanes, or exit a junction; the other vehicles know yours wants to do so and will make room. The result should prevent accidents while improving the capacity of the roads.


Another way Jaguar sees the potential for change in the automotive world is whether everyone needs to own a vehicle, something the FUTURE-TYPE Concept addresses. Instead of owning the car, you would just own the steering wheel, which is run by an Artificial Intelligence unit, Sayer. When you need the car, just let Sayer know, and the AI will ensure that one of the nearby units is there at the time you specify. This way, you don’t have to worry about storage, maintenance, or ownership costs. Just keep the steering wheel handy, and you are set.

Think of the steering wheel as your membership for the on-demand service club. This keeps costs down for drivers and minimizes the impact on the planet. For those who want to have their own private FUTURE-TYPE Concept, that will be an option, as well. You don’t have to share your vehicle unless you want.









While Sayer technically is a steering wheel, it is much more than this. This is the very first steering wheel with voice-activated artificial intelligence. It is ready to do pretty much anything you would expect from AI. In addition to summoning your car, it can play your music or make you a restaurant reservation. Sayer can even let you know what is in your fridge.


In fact, Sayer sits at the heart of the advanced HMI system within the FUTURE-TYPE Concept. Use the HMI system to summon whatever information you want from the various orbits of your world, including work, friends, family, or home. You can choose as many or as few orbits as you want so you see the exact information you want without being overwhelmed.









Since the future of driving means that you won’t need to focus on the road unless you want to actually drive yourself, the FUTURE-TYPE Concept includes 2+1 social seating. This allows you to sit face to face with passengers and talk to each other. The FUTURE-TYPE Concept is also nice and narrow, making it take up less space on the road and allowing it to fit into tight areas more easily.

Jaguar’s current vision for the FUTURE-TYPE Concept is for the year 2040 and beyond, giving us plenty of time to look forward to the steps along the way. In the meantime, Budds’ Jaguar is here to show you the currently available assistive and autonomous driving features to make your experiences in Ontario less stressful. Book a test drive today.